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Just imagine getting together with some friends and amazing them as you sing and play your favorite song on the piano. The looks on their faces are priceless. "How?", they question. "I never knew you could to that." Then you take them into total shock as you sing another song this time playing the guitar.

You say good bye to your friends, letting them know you won't see them for a couple of weeks becuase you will be in France. You earned some extra money from a computer progam you designed and are taking your special someone on a much needed getaway from all the cares of the world. You are really looking forward to the trip because you are fluent in the French languange and can't wait to really immerse yourself in the French culture.

Get ready to change your life this year like you've never thought possible. By the end of this year you will be able to play the piano, play the guitar, sing, speak in French, program a computer making actual windows programs using the C# programming language and a few other little surprises!!!

And we are not talking learn just a few little skills either, like play a little song or speak a few French words. You will become proficient in all of them!!!

Take a moment and watch the video below.

Like the video said, I have been able to play the piano and guitar since I was a child. I taught myself. And you can too! Most people can't because they just don't believe they can. (I'm acutally glad I taught myself when I was a child. Because if I had grown up before I did, I probably would never have known I could.)

My company is going to show you how to play the piano, play the guitar and so much more. I'll even tell you the secret right now. If you truly grasp this then you won't even need our help.

THE LEARNING SECRET: When you "learn" something, what you are really doing is remembering something you already know.

To some that may sound WAY OUT THERE.

You however probably already know the following concepts are true.

  • There are three levels of existence, physical, quantum, spiritual.
  • Everything in the physical is a manifestation of energy and information from the quantum. Energy vibrates at different frequencies and we percieve these frequencies as our physical world.
  • All of us are exchanging energy on a continual basis.
  • Deepak Chopra states this next concept just about as well as I have heard it explained so I am just going to quote him. "There is really no boundary between ourselves and everything else in the world. The continuity of the phyiscal world exists only in the imagination. If we could fine tune our senses, we could actually see the gaps in our existence. We are here and then not here, and then here again. The sense of continuity is only held together by our memories."
  • The spiritual level of existence is what holds everything together. It is pure potential.
  • And here is the biggy for our purposes. Again I'll quote from Deepak. (If you haven't read any of his books I really suggest any, but start with The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.) "Our thoughts are recycled information. Every thought we have is actually part of a collective database. All but the most original thoughts are recycled information, and even the most original thoughts are actually quantum leaps of creativity that occur from the same recycled bed of information. Intention, imagination, insight, inspiraton, meaning, purpose, creativity, and understanding have nothing to do with the brain. They orchestrate their activity through the brain, but they are qualities of the non-local domain, which is beyond space and time."

Are you beginning to see how these concepts are the foundation for a way of learning (remembering)?

(Sounds kind of ironic doesn't it. We're going to teach you how to teach yourself.) We are going to teach you how to acquire ANY skill you want and learn it FASTER than you ever thought possible.

And we are really going to drive our point home by reinforcing your new way of learning by helping you become very skilled at playing the piano, playing a guitar, singing, speaking French and programming a computer in less than a year.

After that, again trust me, you won't need us anymore.

Singing is my favorite. I love it when people first find their voice. I also really like the progamming a computer component. Yes you will actually learn to program in C#, making the computer do anything you want it to. You are also going to find you will learn a lot about yourself when you learn how to "think" like a computer.

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