The First Two Months Syllabus

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Keep in mind we are going to teach you a new way of learning (remembering). Many aspects of the course will, for many, require a huge paradigm shift. The concepts presented during the first couple months must be understood or the techniques used to accelerate learning, to play the piano, guitar, ect... will work minimally at best. The lessons and techniques are very simple to understand but they must also be believed. That is our goal. To take your mind from "I think that is the way it is" to "I know that is the way it is".

The course is not time consuming. You will easily be able to find the necessary time. In fact you will probably find yourself wanting to find more time than is necessary. It's FUN!

Below is a brief description of the first four weeks of the course.

Week 1 - Getting To Know Your Brain And How It Learns

You are going to discover exactly how your brain functions and everything that is going on "up there." What is your brain doing when you are trying to learn? I have a doctor friend who is a neurosurgeon. We play cards regularly. I love discussing with him the topics in this lesson. He is like, "How did you know that?"

Week 2 - Meet Your Subconscious Mind

Ninety-five percent of your life is controlled by your subconscious. Knowing that, don't you think you and your subconscious mind should finally became acquainted? If another individual was responsible for 95% of what happened to you in your life would you go through your life and ignore that person or would you want to meet and get to know him or her?

Week 3 - Quantum Physics Is Very Easy To Understand

A basic understanding of the discoveries of quantum mechanics is a must. Don't worry, it's not hard. I tested this lesson out on my ten year old niece. She understood it all.

Week 4 - Discover The Database of Consciousness

The human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a huge database. The unlimited information in the database has been shown to be available to anyone, anytime, anyplace. We are going to begin showing you how to access that database, smaller things at first, before we go after larger things such as playing the piano, guitar, etc...

Week 5 - Daydreaming - Listening To Your Subconscious

Imagine the water line of an iceberg. This is spot at which the conscious and subconsious meet and communicate. This is where we imagine and dream. Imagination is one of the best ways to communicate with our subconsious mind. We tell our subconscious mind what we want through what we imagine. The stonger our imagination, the more vividly we can see the images in our mind and the stroger the emotions we feel, the more contact we have with our subconscious.

Week 6 - Beginning Piano

Five lessons (all you need) to teach you the basics of music theory and how to play your first songs. You will be playing the piano after this week!

Week 7 - Beginning Guitar

Four lessons (again all you need) reviewing the basics of music theory and how to play your first songs. Again you will be playing the guitar after this week!

Week 8 - Beginning Voice

We love this lesson! This is where you discover you really do have a powerful singing voice. Everyone does! Everything is vibration. Singing is vibration. When you sing you vibrate with the universe. There is nothing like it!

***You will have access to our message boards so you can discuss topics with others taking the course and ask us any questions you may have. This is SO, SO, important. Please do not disregard this part of the class.

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You will also have access to our message boards so you can ask us questions and speak with others who are also taking the course

This is a fun and no-stress course. Rule number one, NO TESTS! They won't be necessary. The only one who needs to know you are acquiring the new skill is YOU!

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